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2023 DFL Caucus guide

Caucus Explainer

The caucus and convention system is used by the DFL to determine which candidate receives the DFL endorsement for the ward 3 election. Michael needs to receive 60% or more of the total votes cast at the ward convention to earn the endorsement. There are four steps you must complete to vote for Michael at the ward 3 convention. 

Step 1.
First, you must attend your local precinct caucus, which is taking place on March 14th (locations will be released at a later date). If you wish to support Michael but cannot attend the caucuses in person, please click here.

Step 2.
At your precinct caucus, you must either volunteer or run to be a delegate to the ward 3 conventions. 

Step 3. 
Attend the ward convention on April 29th (location will be released at a later date).

Step 4. 
Vote to endorse Michael at the ward convention.

A little confusing, we know! But, we will help you along the way. Fill out the form below and you will receive updates from the campaign on when, where, and how to get involved in the caucus system to help Michael receive the endorsement! 

What is a DFL caucus?

DFL precinct caucuses bring together neighbors to select delegates to the ward convention. At the convention, delegates vote on which candidate should receive the DFL endorsement. This year, the caucuses will be in-person.

What if you cannot attend the caucus?

If you cannot attend your precinct caucus, but still want to help Michael win the endorsement, you can fill out a form that will be available soon. 

When are the 2023 DFL precinct caucuses?

The Caucuses are set to take place on March 14th! Sign up to caucus below, and the campaign will keep you updated on when and where your caucus is!

When is the ward convention? 

The ward 3 convention is on April 29th. 

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